Camera shopping tip: Spend time to read feedback and reviews

Some weeks ago some friends asked about which cameras in the market are good buys. I haven’t bought a digital camera for the last 1.5 years, so I don’t really know. But what I suggest to anyone who’s looking for a camera is to go read up on what others have said. Of course you must find out the little nitty-gritty details from actual users of the cameras and not just meredigital camera reviews from magazines or websites.

It helped us to pick out our digital cameras in the past. We bought 2 Nikon cameras in the last 3 years and both times we read lots of reviews and even asked for opinions to be shared on this blog when deciding on THE one.

Now that the Mega Sales Carnival is on and most shops are offering some discounts on their products, it’s a good time to quickly get a good buy during the sale period. Just do some searches on the internet and you will find plenty of resources to read up on users’ feedback.