Do you like to shop online? I love it!

What about you? Have you tried shopping online before? Whether it’s a local shopping site or an international one? Once you’ve tried and have good experience from it, I’m sure you’ll be hooked like me. It’s also the same reason why I decided to run an online business for more than a year now. You can visit my shop at Penny’s Online Shop.

Other than my own shop, I am also quite trusting of other online retailers. As long as I don’t see any dodgy signs, I’m quite open minded to give them a first time try. Some of the online purchases I’ve made in recent months include a hair care product shop, an auto car insurance (it’s so convenient to get an insurance quote online these days), and an online bookstore.

If you are a hesitant online shopper, you can always start to shop with the more reputable online retailers, like or even a local retailer like MPH Online. Once you get the hang of it, and the beauty of receiving products at your door step, you will definitely shop more online!

Anyway, this post sounds like a community message about online shopping huh? :) I just enjoy shopping online and wanted to spread the word and trust.