Hassle with MyEG Services

I’ve always been a pro-online shopper, and I’ve extended it from merely physical item shopping to financial services too. I do banking online whenever I can skip going to the banks and even get my car and life insurance quotes online if I can do so, provided they are not more expensive.

Last year I purchased my car insurance online and found it to be a pleasant experience. I also used the services of MyEG to renew my road tax and had it delivered to my door step for a mere additional RM10. All was easy and convenient. Until this year.

When I tried renewing my road tax the same way this year via MyEG, firstly I wasn’t sure if the system captured my transaction at all after I tried submitting twice. Since nothing was delivered to me after waiting for 2 days, I knew the transaction didn’t go through.

So I did it once again and this time an error message appeared to say that my road tax cannot be renewed via MyEG services and I had to contact the company. Instead of doing that, I thought for speed sake I’d just have my car grant taken from the bank and have my road tax renewed at the post office.

At the post office, we were told that it can’t be done because MyEG did not update my previous year’s road tax details into the system. Having this problem, we thought maybe going direct to JPJ would help. Even at the JPJ office, they said they can’t do anything because the latest information about my road tax was not there.

It was a real inconvenience that we had to go back to the MyEG office and get them to update the details which should have been their duty to have it done a year ago! Anyway, they got it updated. But we still couldn’t get it renewed right away because they had some system problem and we were told to wait for an hour or so.

When the system was up again, we were told the road tax can’t be renewed for a 1 year period and can only be done for the 6-month period because the 1-year system was still down. Isn’t that extremely strange??

So without a choice, we just had it done for 6 months first. I will not want to use MyEG Services again once the 6-month period is up. I’ll just go through the conventional way of getting it done right the first time. Such a waste of time using their online service which is supposed to help you save time!