Have you shopped much during this Malaysia Mega Carnival Sale?

The Malaysia Mega Carnival Sale started sometime in July and will end on the 16th of this month. Most shops and departmental stores are on sale, some even offering huge discounts up to 80% off. Have you shopped till you drop? :)

Well I haven’t really been shopping. Mostly because I don’t buy much clothes from shops now since I run Penny’s Online Shop. All I bought during the sale period thus far are some tailored pants and skirt for work which I don’t sell online, a pair of Mary Jane walking shoes and some skin care products.

For the latter, there isn’t much sale offered. I was hunting for the best eye cream for wrinkles because I’m starting to see some fine lines develop, but I haven’t quite found the one. Looked through some magazines for suggestions but those which are being featured often came with a huge price tag.

So I guess I don’t really have to buy that in times of sales because no discounts are given for such items anyway.

What have you shopped for thus far? Did you spend more than you expected just because it’s sale time and you bought things that are heavily discounted that you never planned to buy before hand? I’m sure some of us did…I would be the first to admit I did :)