A Look At The 3 Common Effects Of Stress

In this modern world, most humans are stressed since they typically have demanding jobs, family commitments, money problems, health problems etc. Stress is extremely harmful and we will now look at some of the common effects of prolonged stress.

Firstly, stress usually starts in the mind and then slowly manifests as disease in the body. Some common problems that have been associated with stress include heart disease, hypertension, immune system problems, heart attacks, anxiety etc. These are all serious problems which makes stress management even more important.

Another common effect of stress is depression. Many people suffer from depression and stress can take a toll on your mental health. Depression can become quite debilitating and it is important that you seek counseling if you suspect you have depression.

Lastly, the final effect of stress that we will cover are headaches. Tension headaches are extremely common and can lead to painful migraines. They can disrupt your entire day and lead to an excess intake of painkillers.

In closing, we have just looked at some of the major effects of stress. In order to reduce these effects, it is essential that you learn how to reduce your stress (just like how you learn the difference between impotence vs erectile dysfunction) through emotional management, counseling, meditation etc.