Birthday shopping isn’t always easy

I always thought that shopping for presents for my 3-year old boy is never a problem because I have so many things that I want to buy for him. But when I was trying to pick out a present for his coming birthday, it proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought. In […] (5)

Have you shopped much during this Malaysia Mega Carnival Sale?

The Malaysia Mega Carnival Sale started sometime in July and will end on the 16th of this month. Most shops and departmental stores are on sale, some even offering huge discounts up to 80% off. Have you shopped till you drop? Well I haven’t really been shopping. Mostly because I don’t buy much clothes from […] (4)

Time to shop for a vacation

Now is a great time to shop for vacation packages. Not just because we now have Air Asia offering many more destination overseas, but largely because our currency is now much stronger against major currencies too. So, isn’t it a great time to be going to places like US, UK and Europe? I think Matta […] (3)

Hassle with MyEG Services

I’ve always been a pro-online shopper, and I’ve extended it from merely physical item shopping to financial services too. I do banking online whenever I can skip going to the banks and even get my car and life insurance quotes online if I can do so, provided they are not more expensive. Last year I […] (1)

Smart shopping

How do you spot a smart shopper? Well there are many different types of smart shoppers, I guess. Those who are disciplined and shop strictly according to their shopping list, buy only when it’s sale period, go for used but good condition items, etc. Which kind of smart shopper are you? I’m not too sure […]