Shiseido Fuente shampoo and Program Solution hair mask are simply great!

Since I permed my hair in February this year, I found that the hair ends have become really dry and looks awfully damaged at times when I don’t apply enough hair serum. Also, I found that I tend to lose a lot of hair, especially so when washing. Also, my scalp tends to get oily very fast.

So I decided to do something about it by enquiring what kind of shampoo I should use to improve the condition of my hair.

I asked several salons before going back to the one that I got my perm done and was given some complicated dual diagnosis of what could be the problem with my scalp. It was a good thing I didn’t take the diagnosis too seriously from them because it seemed like a big problem I was having.

When I asked the lady at the salon where I usually get my hair done, I was simply recommended the Shiseido Fuente shampoo to fix the problems. It’s rather costly though, at about RM62 for a 300ml bottle. So what I did was to purchase the salon refill pack which comes in 1,000ml at RM120. It works out much cheaper to buy the refill pack.

The product description is as follows:

Usage of this shampoo will release your hair with a new-found freedom in volume, thickness and fluidity. As your scalp is pampered with cleansing, an added sheen of protection is given to your hair.

  • Very mild but leaves hair feeling soft and refreshed
  • The reaction of hair with Amino Acid induction provides a conditioning effect. Hair becomes stronger yet silkier, less static and no longer prone to breakage and dropping
  • Menthol boosting agent leaves one feeling invigorated
  • Floral green fragrance
  • Effective formulation of Arnica Montana and Zanthoxylum Piper fruit extract for scalp promotes hair growth and helps regain hair’s natural black

The lady at the salon gave me wonderful advise on how to use the shampoo effectively. I was told to apply a small amount directly on the scalp area and clean thoroughly. I may rinse it off with water and apply another small amount to wash a second time, both times to concentrate on the scalp.

For conditioner, I was recommended to use another range from Shiseido as well, which is more suited for permed hair, the Shiseido Program Solution Hair Mask CW. A 200ml tube costs RM68.

The product description is as follows:

  • Restore hair damaged from coloring and perm and enhance hair suppleness
  • Wavy hair becomes lighter and bouncier

It’s actually a hair mask, but can be used as a conditioner and for best effects, I leave it in for 2 minutes before rinsing off. The amount I was suggested to use is just the size of a 20 cents coin, to be applied only at the hair ends.

Now comes the reviews of both the Shiseido Fuente shampoo and Shiseido Program Solution Hair Mask.

I’ve only got good things to say about both the shampoo and hair mask as they really do the job that they are described to do in their respective product descriptions.

What I was most impressed with is that I saw results very quickly, and the results are great. I wash my hair on alternate days, so it’s not even a daily use shampoo for me. In fact, the results were already noticeable after the second time I used the shampoo and hair mask, and in that sparing amount recommended.

Although the products are pricey, I believe it does go a long way since I don’t use too much of them and most importantly, they truly work to restore healthier looking hair. Now my waves are soft and shiny compared to the dry and sparse condition they were in. I don’t even use my curl booster anymore because I like how soft and naturally the curls fall.

The ends of the hair look so much healthier now and I can even see the shine. The curls seem very natural too. I guess the results I’ve gotten is mostly the work of the hair mask. Shampoo wise, I guess it did help with the hair fall control as I noticed that I am not losing as much hair as before. But on the oily scalp area, it still hasn’t done much for me. Maybe it’s because I am out a lot and so my hair tends to get dirty faster.

I’m just happy enough to have found products that can help improve the health and look of my hair. Doesn’t matter if I have to do more frequent washing, but I still maintain an alternate day washing regime as I was told that washing hair on a daily basis is not really recommended.

If you are looking for good hair care products, I would definitely recommend this brand and if this range suits your hair type and condition, I would say it’s worth the price to pay. You may not want to use it over a long term, you can always use a bottle to get your hair back on track and make sure you manage well after that.

Truly no regrets and a big thumbs up for Shiseido’s hair products!