Smart shopping

How do you spot a smart shopper? Well there are many different types of smart shoppers, I guess. Those who are disciplined and shop strictly according to their shopping list, buy only when it’s sale period, go for used but good condition items, etc. Which kind of smart shopper are you?

I’m not too sure which one I am, but I know I definitely don’t shop strictly according to a shopping list because I don’t make one before shopping. But I recently did buy something used from I bought 2 used books and had them shipped in. I spent 50% less than what I would have paid for if I were to buy the books from our local bookstores. (2)What about shopping the smart way so that you can use some of those expenses to claim against income tax? Of course it must be a legitimate cause. I did a few of those shopping this year, having just recently purchased a computer which I can claim against, and also bought some medical garment for a relative called compression stockings. I hope the latter is classified as a form of medical claim.

How else do you shop smartly? Let’s share the ways and be smart consumers to save ourselves some dollars in any way we can.