Swipe your card to get a free laptop

If you are shopping around to sign up for a credit card, you will find that you have plenty of choices, not only in terms of features of the cards from collecting reward points to getting cash rebates. There are now cards that are offering some very good deals when you use the cards.

One that I would highlight here is the latest Standard Chartered credit card promotion. For their promotion, they are giving away 200 Macbook and another 200 mini notebook. How do you like that? Incredible, huh? I guess gone are the days where netbooks are the in-things. It’s mini laptops for now. But I suppose nothing beats the Mac.

So if you are looking for a credit card (or not!), you can check out the terms and conditions on how you can get yourself a cool laptop for free. Just be aware that the spend required is pretty high, but if you are spending that kind of money anyway, it’s worth a thought.