Time to shop for a vacation

Now is a great time to shop for vacation packages. Not just because we now have Air Asia offering many more destination overseas, but largely because our currency is now much stronger against major currencies too. So, isn’t it a great time to be going to places like US, UK and Europe?

I think Matta Fair is coming up soon too, I noticed the ads in the newspapers but didn’t pay attention to the dates they are held. I have never been to a Matta Fair because I heard that the crowd there is always huge. So I’d rather search online to see if I can get some equally good deals.

Not sure where to go yet though…any great suggestions? I was thinking of seeing the Resorts World in Sentosa, Singapore, but a friend who lives there advises for us to wait a little longer for more of the rides to open up. I think that’s a better idea than to revisit next time.

Where local trips are concerned, we’re quite keen to join an organised family trip coming up in December where the group will be heading to an island. My boy hasn’t been to any beach holiday before, what more an island. We’re keen on that, so we may just sign up. I’m not a beach or island person, but never know if my son will enjoy it more than me. Plus I think it’ll be more fun going with people whom we consider our second family :)

But before that, we’ll have to get my son used to the idea of swimming or at least playing in the waters. He hasn’t really swam before. So better start getting some  of those inflatable swimming pool supplies and kick start the habit of swimming! Hehe.

If he does enjoy the island, then maybe in the future we can plan more trips going around the beautiful beaches and islands closer to home in our neighboring countries.

Where are you headed to come year end? Mind sharing? :)