Tupperware brand has colostrum and DHA supplements for kids

I really didn’t think there’ll be supplements which kids can take for colostrum until I read an invitation email from Tupperware Brands. I visited their site and was browsing through their health product range and that’s when I saw that they have a supplement called Colostrum DHA Chews for kids. You can see more details of this product on this page.

Seems like lots of benefits to this supplement and I am quite sold on it, but it is only meant for kids from 6 years and up. So I guess it’s not suitable for my 3-year old. For those of you who have older kids and if this is something you’ve been looking for, then do check it out. And if you have tried it, do give us some feedback on what you think.

The Tupperware brand is no longer limited to selling good quality food containers. I guess many of the multi-level marketing companies nowadays don’t just sell one product and many start to branch out into all sorts of health products like supplements and enzyme drinks. I wonder if any of them will start offering prenatal vitamins next.